About Us

Alpha Consultancy and Entrepreneur Group (Alpha CEG) was conceptualized by a group of business owners to create key market differentiators in the current Business Consultancy and Advisory landscape. This is achieved via a centralized platform, supported with a huge network (both local and overseas) of partners to value add to the business owners and deal makers to increase their profitability and effectiveness in their businesses.

Alpha CEG'S multi-value propositions model


  • Dedicated professional and Cost-effective Centralized Consultancy and Advisory Platform
  • Unparallel Access to Full Suite of Financial and Advisory Services


  • Network & Ripple Effects of Collaboration
  • Centralized Distribution Platform for Greater Effectiveness & Efficiency resulting in in increased Business Volume


  • Low Business to Efficient Business Operating Cost
  • Strong Positioning as an Alpha Broker due to Strong Network of Partner Support with Strong Track Record


  • Exciting Career that is Highly Scalable and Access to Multi Country/Sector Deals
  • Multi-Source Income


  • To be the Preferred Choice of Consultancy and Advisory Services for HNWs, Family Offices, and Business Owners.


  • Provide Dedicated, Professional and Innovative Solutions to Our Clients.
  • Serve as the ‘Nerve Center’ to Coordinate Services & Solutions Between Partners and Clients to Increase Overall Business Efficiency.


Business Consulting

With our key partners, we provide specialized consultancy services to companies that are undergoing the various stages of growth from becoming profitable, scaling and to eventually seeking Initial Public Listing (IPO). Through our network of partners, we are able to provide businesses the critical distribution pipelines across various countries in the region, namely in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Private Market Placements

We help businesses achieve the optimal equity and debt structure which enables them to scale and growth with the right capital structure and investors’ support. These equity and debt structures can also be distributed as alternative investment options to our platforms’ Accredited Investors (AIs) who are exploring high yield returns with mitigated risk.

Corporate & Alternative Financing

We provide alternative financing solutions for business owners through a wide range of financers that include various financial institutions and private financing channels. Our financing solutions include Unsecured Loan, Asset Backed Financing, Doctor Loans, Factoring and Bridging Loans etc.

Entrepreneur Workshop and Networking Events

We create and provide a wide array of events and workshops for government agencies, business owners and educational institutions to support their business objectives. Together with our network partners, we provide educational programs, financial literacy workshops and business networking events