About Us

Alpha Consultancy and Entrepreneur Group (Alpha CEG) was conceptualized by a group of business owners to create key market differentiators in the current Business Consultancy and Advisory landscape. This is achieved via a centralized platform, supported with a huge network (both local and overseas) of partners to value add to the business owners and deal makers to increase their profitability and effectiveness in their businesses.

Alpha CEG'S multi-value propositions model


  • Dedicated professional and Cost-effective Centralized Consultancy and Advisory Platform
  • Unparallel Access to Full Suite of Financial and Advisory Services


  • Network & Ripple Effects of Collaboration
  • Centralized Distribution Platform for Greater Effectiveness & Efficiency resulting in in increased Business Volume


  • Low Business to Efficient Business Operating Cost
  • Strong Positioning as an Alpha Broker due to Strong Network of Partner Support with Strong Track Record


  • Exciting Career that is Highly Scalable and Access to Multi Country/Sector Deals
  • Multi-Source Income


  • To be the Preferred Choice of Consultancy and Advisory Services for HNWs, Family Offices, and Business Owners.


  • Provide Dedicated, Professional and Innovative Solutions to Our Clients.
  • Serve as the ‘Nerve Center’ to Coordinate Services & Solutions Between Partners and Clients to Increase Overall Business Efficiency.